Guidelines For Project Credits

The IALD Membership Committee appoints an Ethics Committee to oversee and interpret the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct in light of questions brought to the committee. This committee is appointed according to the Ethics Procedures. 

The IALD Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, sections 6 and 7, calls for members to "not misrepresent their professional qualifications, experience or performance," and to "give credit where credit is due and, where applicable, [...] recognize the professional contributions of their current and past employees, employers, professional colleagues and business associates." In its role of interpreting the Code, the committee has recently reviewed a case related to project credits and issued the following guidelines for IALD members in complying with this requirement.
  • Guidelines for Project Credits 
    The intent of the guideline is to make clear all corporate and individual communications related to credit for project work. In no case shall a member communicate misleading information regarding project credit.
  • Corporate Credit 
    While a design firm is in operation as a company, the firm will have the right to list all projects for which the firm has had involvement. Should that firm cease to do business, that overall list will also cease to exist. Projects completed by individuals within the firm may be claimed as individual credits, provided there is clear identification that the work was done while a member of the prior firm and that they follow the guidelines for individual credit as follows.
  • Individual Credit 
    Individuals may take credit for individual projects for which they were a Senior Designer with significant involvement in the project or a design Principal or Principal in Charge or primary client contact. In all cases, if any portion of the individual project was done while a member of another firm, that firm shall be clearly identified and credited. In no case may an individual take credit for individual projects for which they had no direct involvement, regardless of their involvement in a specific company.
  • Awards Credits 
    The committee also reinforces the credit guidelines for awards submissions set by the Awards Committee which requires those submitting projects for awards to recognize all design professionals who worked on a project in the credits for the project, even if those designers are deceased, no longer in the employ of the firm submitting the project, or no longer practicing. However, if the submitting firm has its own formal, internal guidelines, the submitting firm's guidelines may supersede IALD project credit guidelines.
The committee urges all IALD members to review the credits in their marketing materials to bring them in compliance with the guidelines.

The committee welcomes your comments or questions on this or other issues related to the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. Please send questions to the IALD office for forwarding to the committee or e-mail the committee at


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