2015 International Year Of Light

The International Association of Lighting Designers is proud to be a Patron Sponsor of the 2015 International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies, an initiative of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). IALD will help IYL 2015 organizers focus global attention on light in the built environment as a key part of IYL 2015's efforts.

What Is The International Year Of Light?

IYL 2015 is a global celebration of light and lighting submitted by Mexico to the United Nations General Assembly and adopted on 20 December 2013. Over 100 partners from more than 85 countries endorse IYL 2015. IALD has worked throughout 2014 to help raise the profile of the architectural lighting design profession within the IYL structure, and has been instrumental in the establishment of "light and the built environment" as a key pillar of IYL, which was initially focused primarily on optics, photonics, and other light-related sciences.

IYL 2015 will officially launch 19-20 January 2015 with opening ceremonies in Paris, France. As part of its involvement in IYL 2015, IALD will take an active part in those ceremonies; watch the IALD web site for additional information in the coming months.

IALD'S Activities For The International Year Of Light

As an organization, IALD will celebrate IYl 2015 through its existing global programme of activities.
  • IALD Enlighten Americas 2015, one of IALD's boutique global conferences, will be entitled INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF LIGHT, and will focus on the themes raised by the UNESCO initiative.
  • IALD Region + Chpater events for 2015 will educate and engage participants on topics germane to IYL 2015, including the fundamentals of light, lighting technology, light and art, and natural light
  • IALD Region + Chapter Coordinators will connect with IYL 2015 National Committees and work cooperatively to develop and support additional initiatives.
From Global To Local : How You Can Participate In IYL 2015

IALD members can take part in the International Year of Light 2015 by getting involved on a local level with your region or chapter during 2015. In addition, the IALD is working with an informal consortium of lighting organizations from around the globe, called Lighting-Related Organizations to encourage innovative celebration proposals. L-RO has issued a Call for Ideas to help stimulate interest in IYL 2015 and encourage additional IYL 2015 activities and events.  Aimed at members of its participating organizations, the initial call is open until 29 September 2014; there will be additional "call" rounds in coming months, with submission dates to be determined. Submissions should be made on the L-RO form.  As a global platform, L-RO offers a terrific opportunity for IALD members with great IYL 2015 proposals to gain recognition and visibility if their submissions are selected. 

L-RO grew out of discussions held at Light + Building 2014 in Frankfurt, Germany. L-RO provides a global platform and common calendar for IYL 2015 events and activities focused on light in the built environment. Organizations around the globe will be using L-RO to highlight their IYL 2015 activities, conferences and contests. Managed entirely on a volunteer basis, the L-RO effort is the only global repository of IYL 2015 events and activities related to light in the built environment.


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