Seven Domains of Practice For Architectural Lighting Designers

Based on a detailed job analysis of the architectural lighting design profession, the IALD Certification Task Force established a group of core competencies in which a professional lighting designer must excel in order to be eligible for certification. These core competencies comprise the seven proposed domains of architectural lighting design practice. In 2012, a global survey of lighting designers and key industry stakeholders validated these domains and assured their applicability.
  1. GOALS AND OUTCOMES Demonstrated skill at designing lighting solutions that satisfy project requirements and design intent so the solutions perform as expected. 
  2. COLLABORATION. Skill at interacting with other discplines by serving as an integral member of the team so that lighting relates to its context and adds value to a project.
  3. INGENUITY. A record of contributing ideas that demonstrate innovation, creativity, originality, or resourcefulness to foster the goals of the project.
  4. SYNTHESIS. Demonstrated ability to integrate the technical and aesthetic elements of lighting with space and form.
  5. SCIENCE Showing how light interacts with people, materials, and building systems by applying the principles of light to meet relevant technical criteria.
  6. STEWARDSHIP. Responding to known and potential social and environmental impact by designing solutions that avoid or minimize harm, discomfort, or waste.
  7. HUMAN EXPERIENCE. Demonstrated ability to design lighting solutions that positively affect people.


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