Getting Ready For The CLD

While specific application requirements for the Certified Lighting Designer (CLD) program are not yet available, there are some steps architectural lighting designers can take to be prepared for the launch of the CLD.

If you are an architectural lighting designer and intend to apply for the CLD, begin COLLECTING RECORDS of your work to support your eventual application. Applicants must demonstrate their competency in each of the domains of practice of architectural lighting design two times - meaning that you will need to provide evidence (renderings, sketches, signed attestations, etc.) demonstrating proficiency in support of each domain, along with a description of how your evidence demonstrates proficiency.

Please review these additional tips as you work to collect records for the CLD:
  • Compile evidence from projects on which you were a senior lighting designer or above.
  • Exhibits should not include any text added in post-production.
  • Any mention of manufacturer product information or design firm names on drawings or schematics should be masked out/obscured.
  • Descriptions of how each piece of supporting evidence conveys proficiency will need to be limited to 100 words or less.
When the application is officially released in 2014, there will be additional questions required of applicants, but all evidence you compile now will streamline your applicaton process.

For additional information on the Certified Lighting Designer program, and what you can do now to prepare your application, please contact Thomas Rackley, IALD Certification Coordinator, at or by calling IALD Headquarters at +1 312 527 3677.



IALD’s Find a Lighting Designer feature includes four search options:

  • Country and Project Type can be searched using the drop-down menus.
  • To search by City, simply type in the city you are interested in. The results will first list lighting designers located in that city. The search will then list any designer that has referenced that city in their profile or project list.
  • To search by keyword, type in any word or phrase of interest (example: designer’s name, company name, project name, zip code). The search will yield any profiles that include the keyword you’ve used, or will yield no results if your keyword is not found exactly as entered.

You can use one field or a combination of fields to locate the desired lighting designer. If you are having trouble with the search, or need further assistance, please contact IALD at or by calling +1 312 527 3677.

CLD Domains of Practice

Demonstrated skill at designing lighting solutions that satisfy project requirements and design intent so the solutions perform as expected.

Skill at interacting with other disciplines by serving as an integral member of the team so that lighting relates to its context and adds value to a project.

A record of contributing ideas that demonstrate innovation, creativity, originality, or resourcefulness to foster the goals of the project.

Demonstrated ability to integrate the technical and aesthetic elements of lighting with space and form.

Showing how light interacts with people, materials, and building systems by applying the principles of light to meet relevant technical criteria.

Responding to known and potential social and environmental impact by designing solutions that avoid or minimize harm, discomfort, or waste.

Demonstrated ability to design lighting solutions that positively affect people.