The Rocky Mountain Lighting Academy

The IALD Education Trust is proud to provide funding to the Rocky Mountain Lighting Academy(RMLA) at the University of Colorado at Boulder, a continuing education program for professionals working in the lighting industry. The RMLA is an extension of the highly regarded lighting education program within the architectural engineering department at the University of Colorado, and the proceeds from its activities provide ongoing financial support for the undergraduate program.

The RMLA will hold its second Summer Lighting Course 23-27 June, 2014 at the University of Colorado Boulder in Boulder, CO USA. The course is designed to provide a solid theoretical background in lighting within a practical context, making it directly applicable to the needs of those working in engineering, product development, technical sales and specification positions. The content of this intense five-day course is delivered using a mix of lecture, demonstration, laboratory work, computer exercises, and group discussion and problem solving. To register for the 2014 Summer Lighting Course, please CLICK HERE.

For more information on the RMLA, please visit, or send an email to IALD Education Trust Coordinator Jill Mulholland, PhD, at


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