IALD Education Trust Time-In-Kind Program

The concept is simple: honoraria given to lighting professionals for their time are directed instead to the IALD Education Trust. 

The Time-in-Kind Program was developed in direct response to requests from IALD members and lighting industry professionals for additional methods to support the next generation of architectural lighting designers. Donations to the IALD Education Trust ensure the growth and longevity of the architectural lighting design profession.

To download the Time-in-Kind donation form, please click here.

If you have questions about the Time-in-Kind program, please contact Kelly Ashmore, IALD Manager Meetings + Professional Relations, at +1 312 527 3677 or kelly@iald.org


1.    Oftentimes, lighting professionals are invited to identify trends; review new products; provide training, market feedback or, product evaluation; consult on strategic planning; or present an educational seminar. For their efforts, designers may receive an honorarium.
2.    The lighting professional may choose to donate the honorarium "in-kind" to the IALD Education Trust, or the sponsoring organization may donate the honorarium in the name of the lighting professional.*
3.    The Time-in-Kind form is completed and returned to the IALD Education Trust office,

VIA POST to the IALD Education Trust, 440 N Wells St., Ste. 210, Chicago, IL 60654 USA; or
VIA EMAIL to Kelly Ashmore, IALD Manager Meetings + Professional Relations, at kelly@iald.org; or
VIA FAX to the attention of Kelly Ashmore at +1 312 527 3680.

There are several ways individuals can participate in the Time-in-Kind program: 
•    Upon receipt of an honorarium, complete the Time-in-Kind form to donate it to the IALD Education Trust.
•    Ask the sponsoring organization to donate the honorarium on your behalf.
    Sponsoring organizations can elect to make a donation on behalf of their participants.
    Sponsoring organizations can help promote the Time-in-Kind Program by encouraging participants to consider donating their honoraria to the IALD Education Trust.

The following comments are applicable to US federal income tax compliance and may not be true in other taxing jurisdictions.

An honorarium is treated as taxable income to the taxpayer when it is constructively received, meaning when it is available to the taxpayer without restriction. The fact that a taxpayer directs the payor to remit the payment to the IALD Trust will not affect the taxability of the honorarium. 

The IALD Education Trust Board of Directors encourages lighting designers who give lectures and receive honoraria to make a tax deductible donation to the Trust. For the sake of convenience, the donation can be made from the payor of the honorarium directly to the Trust. Under federal tax law the honorarium is taxable to the lecturer, and the donation to the Trust is deductible by the lecturer, even though the payment is made directly to the Trust. The attached form may be used to direct the payor of the honorarium to remit the funds directly to the Trust. The Trust will acknowledge in writing the tax deductible donation made by the lecturer. Please consult with your tax advisor. 


IALD Education Trust’s Find a Lighting Program feature includes four search options:

  • School, Region and Program Type can be searched using the drop-down menus.
  • To search by keyword, type in any word or phrase of interest (example: program’s name, company name, project name, zip code). The search will yield any profiles that include the keyword you’ve used, or will yield no results if your keyword is not found exactly as entered.

You can use one field or a combination of fields to locate the desired lighting program. If you are having trouble with the search, or need further assistance, please contact IALD Education Trust at jill@iald.org or by calling +1 312 527 3677.