Advantages of  IALD Membership


Rigorous qualification process for professional membership means IALD members are renowned for their superior design abilities throughout the lighting and architectural community.


Find a Lighting Designer is the most frequently accessed portion of the IALD web site. It lists Professional and Associate member lighting designers, as well as IALD Fellows.

Members can submit new projects to IALD staff to be included on our monthly recently completed projects press release to design magazines. All projects with an IALD member on the team can be submitted to LightMap, the IALD's international interactive lighting visualizer, which literally puts your work on the map.

Members can also join the IALD Writers Pool and get first crack at submitting editorial content and comments to a number of international trade and consumer publications.


The IALD works to raise the profile of the lighting design profession through media communication via press releases, our web site and our social networking efforts.

Our presence at international tradeshows and conferences allows us to communicate what lighting designers contribute to the build environment.

IALD's public policy efforts involve the voices of lighting design professionals in contributing to practical energy policies around the globe.


More voices are stronger than one - join the IALD's efforts in favor of the lighting design profession, including the Energy + Sustainability Committee and other regulatory and standards committees. Your membership will also give you access to the IALD grassroots policy network that leverages the power of collective action to deal with international, national and local policy needs.


Members receive the IALD's biweekly newsletter, Reflections, which includes IALD activities and key industry news, as well as local and international events. Also receive key alerts and email blasts on industry, public policy and other pertinent issues.


Join the IALD members-only LinkedIn Community to network with lighting designers all over the world. Attend IALD's Enlighten Europe and Enlighten Americas conferences at a discounted member rate.

Take advantage of regional activities in your area and around the world.

Participate on IALD committees or task forces to meet peers and help shape the future of lighting design.


IALD’s Member Directory includes four search options:

  • Country and Membership Grade can be searched using the drop-down menus.
  • To search by City, simply type in the city you are interested in. The results will first list lighting designers located in that city. The search will then list any designer that has referenced that city in their profile or project list.
  • To search by keyword, type in any word or phrase of interest (example: designer’s name, company name, project name, zip code). The search will yield any profiles that include the keyword you’ve used, or will yield no results if your keyword is not found exactly as entered.

You can use one field or a combination of fields to locate the desired member. If you are having trouble with the search, or need further assistance, please contact IALD at or by calling +1 312 527 3677.