2014 IALD Compensation & Workforce Study (US-Version)

The results of the 2014 compensation & workforce study are now available to members and non-members.


IALD Participants..............$75 USD
IALD Members................$125 USD
Non-Member...................$175 USD

The IALD is pleased to provide the fifth edition of this survey. The core questions were retained to ensure trends could be tracked accurately. A variety of new questions were added to explore emerging issues, such as how the current economy is affecting the number of RFPs received by design firms and the number of proposals/quotes sent out.

The 2014 Edition of the Compensation & Workforce Study contains valuable information for IALD members including geographic information, company size, employment situation, job functions and compensation and benefits for IALD members who are self-employed, salaried employed and hourly employed. The study uses state of the art statistical techniques, including multiple and robust regression, making it the most accurate picture and definitive source of compensation and benefits characteristics for the lighting industry.

The survey is to be conducted every other year so that we may track trend data related to employers operations. 

If you have any further questions about the 2014 IALD Compensation and Workforce Study, please contact the IALD headquarters office at +1 312 527 3677 or via email at iald@iald.org

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